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sauna tips


Be sure to drink a pint of water before starting your session and two pints for every hour spent inside the sauna thereafter. 

Heat up

Relax where you are comfy, either on the upper bench or lower bench. Sauna is a safe place. People have been enjoying this practice for thousands of years.


Steam (loyly) is a very spiritual element to a good sauna. Steam, helps to wash and cleanse the skin as well as being helpful and soothing for the respiratory system.

Cool down

Exit the hot room and try a cold plunge, shower or swim. Listen to your core, not your skin and enjoy some fresh air until your body is completely cooled.


After a complete cool down, heart rate and blood pressure are most often lower than baseline. This is a great time to consider

re-entering the sauna hot room to enjoy another round.


Try not to eat within a couple of hours before starting a sauna session. Be careful with alcohol as it can affect your ability to regulate body temperature.

(Sauna Tips courtesy of Regener8saunas & Saunatimes)

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