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  • What will my session be like?
    Please arrive promptly to your session. You will need to bring two towels for your session and a bottle of drinking water. There is a changing area inside the sauna (before you enter the hot room) and a seating area outside for your private use. You will be asked to have your temperature taken on arrival (anything above 37.8 and I'm afraid your session will be terminated and refunded). You will also be required to sanitise your hands. The fire will be ready for you. When stoking the sauna fire, we aim for temperatures between 70-90 degrees C. Seaside Sauna has 2 different bench levels. This enables sauna goers to choose the temperature they prefer. The temperature on level two is generally around 60°C, whilst on the top level it is around 70°C. If you sit in an upright position on the top level, the temperature at head level is generally around 90°C. Hence you can enjoy different sauna temperatures simply by choosing to sit or lie on the 1st or 2nd bench. You may add water to the funnels in the sauna, should you wish to create more loyly/steam (there is the option of adding water infused with essential oils should you wish, so please ask if this is something you would like to experience. You will have an hour to use the sauna how you choose. Feel free to hop in and out, doing as many rounds as you like during that hour. You may want to cool off between rounds by jumping in the sea - or throwing a cold bucket of seawater over your body! But remember to be kind to yourself and listen to your body's needs. Sarah will be available throughout your session, should you require any assistance. However the sauna is for your enjoyment & therefore she is not there to interrupt your experience.
  • Can i hire the sauna privately?
    At the moment, it is only private hire. The sauna is based at Seatown Beach at the moment, but do get in touch if you'd like to hire it for a special occasion in situ - perhaps a birthday or anniversary treat?
  • Can I bring my children along?
    Children over the age of 4 years old can sauna with parental supervision and guidance. You will need to sign the waiver on booking. Remember you know your child best. The sauna stove and surfaces will be hot, so close supervision & guidance essential. Children aren't as able to regulate their body temperature as grown ups so they will need to be in & out more frequently, and on the lower bench where it is cooler, perhaps even with a cold bucket of water to douse themselves!
  • Is there parking?
    Yes, there is a car park at the bottom of the hill before you reach the beach.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If the weather forecast is wild and stormy I will endeavor to cancel and return your refund within 24 hours. However, a sauna in the rain and cold is divine! If you need to cancel or reschedule your sauna session, this must be done with 48 hours notice to allow for the session to be re-advertised. If you choose to cancel or reschedule with less than 48hours notice, you will not be refunded.
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