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Just what you have been waiting for, more days to sauna! I'd like to introduce you to Charlie.

Charlie will be hosting sauna time for you as we open on Saturdays from February 19th February!

Here's a little intro to why I've picked Charlie out to fire up and create sublime sauna space for you all:

"Charlie grew up in Lyme Regis, and has an unyielding love of this gnarly bit of coastline.

During the pandemic, the Seaside Saunahaus became a beacon in an otherwise bleak time. The small, female led team were always a joyful break away from the stresses of life.

For Charlie, the sauna is so much more than just a (beautifully constructed) wooden hot box! It is a chance to reconnect, to let the days’ stresses and worries ebb away.

Attending the weekly sauna club was a chance to converse with like-minded people of all ages gaining new friendships, sharing wisdom and experience.

Embracing the primal elements of going from the sauna into the sea (nothing beats dunking yourself in under a clear winter sky with the moon and stars out) fully cemented this new found passion for Charlie (the clear skin and heightened senses are just an added bonus!).

With a background of geography, and having completed massage courses in both Swedish and Thai, this wellbeing oasis nestled on the Dorset beach is the perfect marriage."

Welcome Charlie, I'm so pleased to have you with us!

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