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Sauna Tips to Revolutionise Your Sessions

Sauna tips for when you visit us, in Seatown - Dorset!

– Make time to get to the sauna early.

If you have to bite your tongue through traffic to only just get to the sauna in time, you’ll arrive completely stressed out and in the wrong mind set for using a sauna. The idea is to feel as relaxed as possible, so give yourself plenty of time to get there early and stress-free.

– Don’t eat a large meal beforehand.

If you eat a sizeable meal just before you go in, then your blood will be focused on digesting your food and assisting the digestive system. What we want instead is for the blood to circulate all over our body; from your head to your toes, and not just focused on the centre of you.

– Drink a pint of water, gradually, before you enter.

You can lose a pint of water after just 20-minutes into a sauna session, so you’ll want your body to keep up. A large bottle of water would be great to bring in with you, too.

– Move to suit yourself.

Most saunas have benches at two different levels: one high and one low. If you want to feel even hotter, then the higher bench experiences even more heat since hot air rises. If you’re feeling a little too hot, then the lower one down tends to be the cooler.

– Pour water onto the sauna rocks.

Traditionally, wood fired saunas reach humidity levels of about 10-30%, which pales in comparison to the levels of 100% produced in steam rooms. To raise the humidity, if sauna stones are being used, you can pour water onto them. This will cause a burst of steam that changes the humidity considerably, but not the temperature.

Pro tip: You can bring your OWN essential oils, like peppermint or lavender to the water you pour onto the rocks for a richer smelling experience.

Although, as oils are quite powerful, be careful to only add a couple of drops.


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