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What Are Sauna Whisks?

Everything You Need to Know! What on earth are sauna whisks? They aren’t found in every sauna in the UK (yet?! ) but we think they belong here and need to be promoted! This is why here at Seaside Sauna Haus, we have put together a list of everything you should know about them.

Sauna offers a variety of benefits that can be enhanced through additional elements and practices, such as sauna whisks.

Our Seaside Sauna Haus customers have exclusive access to their own private sauna at our gorgeous sauna on the beach, allowing you to make the most out of the benefits of a sauna every day you visit with us! But how do you know where to begin?Below is an in-depth explanation for sauna whisk use, types and preparation to help you understand a little more about what to expect should we say "would you like to experience a birch whisk today whilst you sauna?!"

What Are Sauna Whisks? Sauna whisks are a bundle of small tree twigs from a variety of trees, used in saunas to manipulate the airflow and steam, as well as provide massages. Using them in a sauna is intended to promote improved blood circulation and skin cleansing.

Sauna whisks are common around the world. In Finland they are known as “vihta” whereas in Lithuania they are called "vanta" and in Russia “venik”. They can be considered to be a nice addition or a compulsory element to a sauna experience, depending on where you are in the world.

By introducing the elements of plants into the sauna space, this adds another sensory dimension to the sauna experience. The rustling of the leaves, fragrance of the plant transports you into a woodland forest and truly takes the ritual of sweat bathing to another dimension!

To use, one person dips the whisk in warm water and then proceeds to tap the whisk lightly on the body of another person or manipulate the steam around the body. Doing so, releases pleasant earthy scents into the sauna, adding the additional benefit of aromatherapy and creates an eveloping warmth.

Sarah and Sally are training through and as we completed the Level 1 Pirits Bath Masters course in Nov 2021 (Lithuanian Sauna Whisking) we are keen to hone our whisking skills!

Types of Sauna Whisks Whisk bundles can be made from different trees and herbs, with each tree offering its own unique benefits to the receiver.

  • Birch Sauna Whisks:

  • Relieves muscle and joint pain after exercise

  • Cleanses rash-prone skin

  • Encourages wound-healing

  • Promotes lung ventilation by widening bronchus

  • Beneficial for smokers or asthma-sufferers

  • Birch leaves contain oils, tanning agents and vitamins

  • Enhances skin and hair

  • Oak Sauna Whisks:

  • Suitable for those with oily skin and hair

  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Oak essence calms the nervous system after physical and mental strain

  • Lime Tree Sauna Whisks:

  • Relieve headaches

  • Possesses a mild diuretic effects

  • Heightens sweating

  • Promotes wound healing

  • Calming and relaxing

  • Anti-fever effect

  • Eucalyptus Sauna Whisks:

  • Powerful healing tool

  • Recommended for sore throat or rhinitis

  • Extremely efficient with 3% essence oils

Would you like to experience whisking during your sauna session with us here at Seaside Sauna Haus?

DM us to enquire about availability! We have a limited supply but are happy to offer if it is of interest.

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